Answers to frequently asked questions

What are the fees for posting my items?

There are no fees for posting articles and therefore it is always free of charge.

What fees are incurred?

We only charge a sales commission of 8% calculated on the selling price for the seller.

What are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs are automatically selected by the seller based on the weight and are shown in every auction.

When does the auction end?

Decisive for the end of the auction is always the chosen term, which was chosen by the respective seller. You can find this publicly in every auction.

How do I set a picture for my auction?

To achieve the desired auction result, try to photograph all bottles against a white background and make sure that the bottles are clearly visible.

How many bottles can I auction?

BuyMyWhisky does not set a limit on the number of bottles that can be auctioned, as we only act as an intermediary with our platform and not as a dealer.

Can I only bid in whole euro increments?

When placing a bid, the bid must be at least 1€ higher than the current bid. Otherwise you are completely free to choose your bid, you can also raise by 2,89€.

Can I post an entire series as an offer for sale?

Yes, this is possible with us and can be made visible through our manual input field in the description by the respective seller.

Is there a customer service in case of problems?

Yes, we can be contacted by mail or phone at any time and we try to process all requests within 24 hours.

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