Here’s how it works:


The first steps to selling a whisky are very simple and you can tailor the offer according to your needs. At BuyMyWhisky you will find a range of sales tools and options to help you sell your whisky.

Simply enter the key data like bottle name, type, country, distillery, bottler, age, size and
alcohol content in the “Sell Whisky” section. Add your pictures and if possible an individual description of the item and you are almost ready to go.

Then you only have to specify the shipping method, a starting price and the duration and the whisky goes into the auction. All you need is an account at and at PayPal.


In the respective auctions the sellers name their desired starting price. Every buyer should be aware that he is bidding against other buyers. You can watch the item to see how the auctions go. When the bidding ends, the highest bidder wins the item and thus bindingly concludes the purchase.

Important: Remember that an offer is a binding contract. This means that if you bid on an item, you are also obliged to buy it.

Fair Play is important to us.

For bidding you need an account with us and with PayPal.


No entry fees.

Starting an auction at BuyMyWhisky at any time free of charge, there is only a sales commission for sold items. The sales commission is a uniform 8% of the sales price without packaging and shipping, as this is handled exclusively by the seller.
Important: The sales commission is due as soon as the item is sold.


Once the highest bidder has paid and the seller has received payment, the seller will ship the whisky.